(Right) R. Devaraju, Deputy Group CEO, Automotive Group, accompanied by Nazman S.H.C. Yusof, Head of Division for Bikes, Naza Automotive Group officiated the Vespa launch today at Sunway Pyramid.

Naza Premira, the official distributor of Vespa scooters in Malaysia today launched three new sporty and stylish scooters; Vespa Primavera S150, Vespa Sprint S150 and the Vespa S125 Carbon Edition which will be on display at the Vespa Roadshow until 11th August 2019, at LG2 Sunway Pyramid.

Vespa Malaysia Launches Three Sporty and Stylish Scooters

KUALA LUMPUR, 8 August 2019 – Naza Premira Sdn Bhd, official distributor of the Vespa brand in Malaysia today introduced three sporty and stylish scooters to Vespa fans in Malaysia; Vespa Primavera S 150, Vespa Sprint S 150 and Vespa S125 Carbon Edition.

Forged from the Vespa sport DNA, the new Vespa sporty line-up has upgraded aesthetics and is perfect for active and trendy Malaysian urbanites of all genders who love being at the centre of attention.

“It is our utmost priority to deliver the best, latest Vespa products to our loyal customers. Since 2010, we have successfully put close to 12,000 Vespa scooters on Malaysian roads and the number is rapidly increasing. With the launch of this new Vespa sporty line-up, we are confident that 2019 will be another dynamic year for Naza Premira and the Naza Group, “ said SM Nasarudin SM Nasimuddin, Group Executive Chairman & Group CEO, Naza Corporation Holdings Sdn Bhd.

Vespa Primavera S 150
Superseding the current Vespa Primavera 150 ABS, the innovative Vespa Primavera S 150 inherits the classic Primavera’s character of ‘joie de vivre’ (joy of living) with added freshness, boldness, style and sportiness. Characterised by the edge shield, rims and horn cover in dust grey, the outstanding and sophisticated Vespa was made for the trendsetters who stand out in the crowd.

Equipped with 12” aluminium alloy wheel rims with a five-spoke design, riders are given assurance of greater stability, improved safety and better grip on all surfaces and in all road conditions. The Primavera S 150 is also designed to provide a smooth, quiet and comfortable ride while ensuring optimum combustion under all conditions and all altitudes with its barometric sensor. Powered by a modern environmental-friendly one-cylinder four-stroke 150cc i-Get engine, the “small body” scooter also delivers new levels of engine power and torque for added steadiness and reliability, especially in Malaysian city traffic conditions and in open-road stretches with extremely low fuel consumption.

The Vespa Primavera S 150 is now available from RM16,400 with a dedicated stunning colour range; New Red Profondo, Black Vulcano and White Innocenza.

Vespa Sprint S 150
The Vespa Sprint S 150 is designed to be the gutsiest of the Vespa family, adding a series of novelties to the already-sporty Vespa Sprint. Donning an entire steel body, the Vespa Sprint S 150 is the first of its class to mount two 12” rims and was crafted for those who play to win; the adventurous Malaysian with desire to turn everyday travel into pleasure and fun.

Superseding the Vespa Sprint 150 ABS, the youngest and sportiest scooter mounts a new saddle cut unique to this model and light grey piping in black, adding on to its sporty elegance with black and white finishing. The Vespa Sprint S 150 is also driven by the 150cc environmental-friendly one-cylinder four-stroke i-Get engine and barometric sensor to ensure optimum riding pleasure, steadiness and reliability while manoeuvring through the congested city roads.

Characterised by the sporty stickers and details in glossy red, the Vespa Sprint S 150 comes in Blue Vicace, Grey Materia and Black Vulcano, and is priced from RM17,400.

Vespa S125 Carbon Edition
Embodying the heritage of legendary Vespa models from the 70’s, the Vespa S125 Carbon Edition is the perfect companion for the creative and dynamic youthful Malaysian urbanite with its new aggressive design and outstanding carbon-look details underlined by a black crest and the red S stickers on its rims. The Vespa S125 Carbon Edition also carries the trademark Italian “Tricolore” flag as a proof of art, design, fashion and sophistication on its lateral side and on its tie. Its sporty look is further enhanced by the black finishing of the horn cover.

Completing its refined yet sporty full black 5-spoke design, the Vespa S125 Carbon Edition is equipped with 11” black rims and adds on a peace of mind with a braking system on the front and rear wheels. The heart of the latest modern lightweight Vespa is the environmental-friendly single cylinder 4-stroke 125cc i-Get engine designed to make the ride smoother, quieter and more comfortable, making this “small body” Vespa particularly quick in both city traffic and on stretches of open road.

With unmistakeable key features; square headlight and dynamic saddle, and fully-opened storage compartments in the back shield which go extremely well with the red colour of the shock absorbers and distinguishing instrument panel, the Vespa S125 Carbon Edition comes in two colours; Black Vulcano and White Innocenza. It is now available from RM12,500.

The brand-new sporty Vespa line-up is now available at all authorised Vespa dealerships and outlets nationwide. Vespa enthusiasts can also check out the new Vespa models at the Vespa roadshow in Sunway Pyramid (LG2) from today until 11 August 2019.