About Us

NGI serves as the dedicated Family Office for the principal stakeholders of the NAZA Group of Companies, a family-founded conglomerate established in 1975. Our core responsibility is the proficient management of the Family Office’s investment portfolio, which involves strategic asset allocation, diversification, and active portfolio management to harness opportunities within dynamic markets. Collaboration with trusted and seasoned partners is integral to preserving, overseeing, and augmenting the Family Office’s investments. We maintain a constant vigil for innovative investment opportunities, ensuring that our holdings span various asset classes in global markets.

Our foremost objective is the sustained growth of assets over the long term, underpinned by a portfolio of enduring and sustainable investments. We are resolutely dedicated to responsible investing, emphasizing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles. Our ultimate goal is to establish and nurture this Family Office, facilitating its continuity across multiple generations and securing the lasting legacy of our wealth and financial stewardship.

To build an investment legacy for shareholders, their families and the generations to come

To respect, protect and nurture the Family Office’s investments

To achieve consistent returns on investments

To factor environmental, social and governance (ESG) compliance in choosing and managing investments

Nurturing – We nurture, protect and grow the Family Office’s investments patiently

Analytical – We make our decisions with thorough analysis of the facts and prospects surrounding every opportunity

Zealous – We are enthusiastic in pursuing our Vision and Mission

Accountable – We are responsible for all our actions and decisions towards all stakeholders