Riding To An Epic New Level

Ducati Malaysia creates a milestone moment for the Ducati family in  Malaysia by hosting a convoy event with almost 500 attendees.

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, (20 October 2022) – In celebration of MotoGP’s return to  Malaysia after 3 years, Ducati Malaysia organized a Ducati bike gathering and ride event  of epic proportions. A total of almost 500 attendees breathed life into this historic  moment, consisting of passionate Ducati owners and enthusiasts, along with team  members from Ducati Corse, Ducati Asia Pacific, and of course Ducati Malaysia. 

However, headlining the event was the energetic presence of Ducati Lenovo team riders  Jack Miller and Pecco Bagnaia, who were there to not only meet and greet participants,  but also interact with MotoGP race fans through a dedicated interview session. 

Commencing in the morning, the ride itself took the passionate roster of participants on  a route from the Ducati Flagship Showroom in Petaling Jaya, through city streets and  highways, before arriving at the picturesque setting of the Prime Minister’s Office in  Putrajaya. The safety of the participants and other road users was ensured by the  presence of police escorts.  

The itinerary culminated in a group photo capturing the special day; a truly grand  celebration of the spectacular passion for not only the Ducati brand, but for the  motorcycle industry in Malaysia as a whole. 

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