Nasim Unveils The All-New Peugeot 308 THP

Nasim Sdn Bhd, the official distributor for Automobiles Peugeot in Malaysia, unveiled the internationally acclaimed and award-winning all-new Peugeot 308 THP during a formal launch this evening at Zebra Square, marking the car’s official Malaysian release.

Approximately 300 distinguished guests and members of the press were afforded the opportunity to be introduced to the model and to experience for themselves its sleek design, premium interior, market-leading safety features and its significantly enhanced features.

Witnessed by media friends, Nasim associates and guests, the event was also graced by the presence of French Ambassador to Malaysia, His Excellency Christophe Penot.

Having won Car of the Year at the Geneva Auto Show in March 2014, the all-new 308 THP is poised to redefine Peugeot’s strength in the region given its heightened focus on strategy, technology and ecology.

An ingenious choreography of sleek lines which amalgamate in sheer simplicity to deliver an intoxicating showcase of refined elegance, the exquisite all-new Peugeot 308 THP retains the distinctive Peugeot trademark, yet dons a significantly revived look and feel. The highly distinguished C-segment hatchback is unparalleled in style; state-of-the-art in appearance with a perfect balance of sportiness and quality, the 308 THP exudes newfound confidence with ease, courtesy of a purely redefined interior and exterior designed to ignite an evolution of driving sensations.

A powertrain fortified with Japan’s Aisin-made cutting-edge AT6 with Quickshift Technology transmission hardware featuring a 6-speed automatic gearbox, expect to go further and faster with smoother gear changes, excellent fluidity, state-of-the-art and drag-reduction torque, an exemplary emission standard of 150 g of CO2 per 100 km, and thorough pleasure of engagement. The Peugeot 308 THP is designed from the ground up, featuring a multiple award-winning Turbo High Pressure (THP) engine, a powerplant that combines high pressure direction injection coupled with advanced turbocharger technology which churns out 152ps and 240Nm of torque. This efficiently optimized combination results in fuel efficiency of 6.5l/km.

For quality assurance, numerous precision-based tests to assess design, material, selection, assembly, soundproofing, and durability were conducted. These include 2.5 million kilometres driven pre-launch, 2,500 hours of vibration and climate testing, 250,000 cycles of air-conditioning monitoring, and 4.3 million touchscreen press cycles without any failure recorded.

Enter Peugeot’s i-Cockpit, a richly driver-centric invention aimed at rewarding the motorist with an intuitive driving and unrivalled experience while behind the wheel. The i-Cockpit consists of four integrated components: a sports leather compact steering wheel for an intense dynamic sensation, a high position head-up instrument panel with stylishly symmetrical design needles to easily view without taking the driver’s eyes off the road ahead, a high centre console, and a 9.7” HD Multifunction Touchscreen for intuitive driving.

Being technologically driven, the design and functionality of the Peugeot i-Cockpit offers a level of sophistication new to the market. Taking you out of the ordinary, and into the special, the Peugeot i-Cockpit helps craft a stunning driving experience.
For even more comfortable and safe driving, the all-new Peugeot 308 THP is equipped with added driving aids. One feature new to the segment is the Driver Assistance Pack.

Offering Dynamic cruise control; this speed limiter/cruise control has innovative functions for the driver. In addition to the standard speed control, it can also be set to regulate the distance from the vehicle in front. When a nearby vehicle is detected by the radar, a constant distance is maintained automatically via engine deceleration. When the road becomes clear (change of lane or the vehicle in front gains momentum), the cruise control returns to the reference values requested initially.

The Emergency Collision Alert system uses constant radar to detect the distance with vehicle in front. If it is too close, a visual and audible warning indicates to the driver that they should press the brake pedal to prevent possible collision. Its Emergency Collision Braking means that if an imminent collision with the vehicle in front is detected, the system applies automatic braking to warn the driver, prevent the impact, or to reduce its consequences.

Its advancements include air-conditioning excellence by way of automatic dual-zone climate control; unique vehicular configurations, driving aids combining the driver assistance pack and park assist via an integrated reverse camera for added assurance; multimedia capabilities to power the radio, iPod, and audio streaming; telephone management tools for seamless access to contacts and profiles, call waiting control, and much more. With the prime positioning of the multifunction touchscreen, full digital connectivity via Bluetooth (hands-free kit) and USB is also made hassle-free.

Furthermore, the THP’s high-end sculptured Alcantara sports seats with an electric lumbar and massage function in the front serve as a thoughtful and insightful bonus. The perfect remedy to ease a sore back during peak hour traffic or that long-haul journey out of town, these comfort-giving fixtures  offer the greatly deserving beholder an irreplaceable pampering like no other. Elevating her innate charm and outward precision whilst enabling responsive manoeuvring, the automobile’s 18” Sapphire lightweight alloy wheels with arches slightly contoured and a widened wheelbase apply a layer of distinction to her compactness and on-the-road stability.

Drivers can comfortably keep their keys in their pockets with the availability of intelligent keyless entry and push start button. Great for ladies on their own in the carpark; there is no fumbling in pockets or bags looking for keys, enabling an easier entry into the vehicle.

A hatchback custom-designed to be ecologically-savvy, the 308’s contribution to the environment is immense. Peugeot’s new generation EMP2 platform is responsible for a total of 140 kilogrammes weight reduction of the car, and overall enhanced performance. Consequently rendering the vehicle positively more aerodynamic, it has a direct impact on consumption and C02 emissions. The car’s physical and engineering specifications have been modified to reduce its carbon footprint and include four primary themes – efficiency, design, driving experience, and quality. Improvements further entail a 2cm and 5cm length and height decrease respectively, and a 1.2cm spike in the wheelbase for added interior space and heightened comfort.

Certified safe, the all-new Peugeot 308 THP is a bona fide protector with a stellar five-star rating (the highest) afforded by Euro NCAP, when the variant underwent its official European New Car Assessment Programme in 2013. An evaluation made up of stringent testing protocols to include four key segments, the THP has marked it spot as one of the safest fleet cars in the world while excelling in the Driver Assistance Systems arena, given its top-notch gadgets and dedicated fixtures. The mandatory aspects of testing encompassed adult occupant protection, child occupant protection, pedestrian protection, and safety assist. Rest assured knowing that with the THP you can’t go wrong.

In essence, the unveiling the all-new Peugeot 308 THP serves to solidify the marque’s position as a formidable contender, not just in Europe but across the globe.

The on-the-road price with insurance for the all-new Peugeot 308 THP is RM132,888.

The all-new Peugeot 308 THP can now be viewed at your nearest showroom. It comes with a five year warranty with unlimited mileage, and complimentary Peugeot Lounge access. For a full list of showrooms, visit Peugeot’s official website.

All Peugeot models come with five-year warranty with unlimited mileage together with Nasim’s 24-hour Peugeot Assistance service, complimentary access to the Peugeot Lounge at Subang Airport and Peugeot Privilege membership, all to provide the best ownership experience for its customers.

Nasim Sdn Bhd is the official distributor for Automobiles Peugeot in Malaysia.

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