• Head Up Display (HUD)

  • Sound Mood Lighting System

  • 8-inch touchscreen LCD display with Bluetooth, an Android Auto and Apple Carplay connectivity.

  • Smartphone Wireless Charger

Discover the Ultimate Convenience With The All-New Kia Seltos

KUALA LUMPUR, 6 October 2020 – The official distributor of Kia vehicles in Malaysia, Naza Kia Malaysia will be introducing the refined compact SUV, the All-New Kia Seltos. It offers value with the wide range of features that is set to maximize comfort and provide total ease for an ultimate driving experience.

From the very onset, the key design feature of the All New Kia Seltos has been its unique lighting system. This lighting system includes the lighting in the interior cabin. Referred to as the Sound Mood Lighting System, the Seltos showcases this daring design and it prides itself to be the first to be introduced in a Kia SUV segment. The Sound Mood Lighting System emits soft light from a unique 3D-patterned surface panels located on the doors.

The novelty of the Sound Mood Lighting system is that it pulses to the beat of the music playing through the audio system, with eight customizable colours and six themes illuminating the cabin. This creates an upbeat and a feel-good ambience while driving.

The All-New Kia Seltos is fitted to convey unique sense of style through a design oriented GT Line option which houses power adjustable driver’s seat. The ergonomically designed ventilated front seats adds comfort and convenience to the owner’s driving experience.

To further enhance driving experience, the vehicle features the Head Up Display (HUD) to assist safe driving by minimizing movement of the driver’s line of sight. The head-up screen displays the vehicle’s speed, as well as the Auto Cruise Control and radio stations or song list so drivers can otherwise focus their attention on driving.

To ensure practicality on any adventure and maximize convenience, the vehicle is equipped with a wide range of features which includes the 8-inch touchscreen LCD display with Bluetooth, an Android Auto and Apple Carplay connectivity.

Naza Kia Malaysia is now taking orders for the highly-anticipated All-New Kia Seltos at selected Kia showrooms. Call your nearest authorised Kia showroom or visit Kia Malaysia’s website https://www.kia.com/my/main.html for more details!